8 Easy Steps How to Fill South Korea's Q-Code

Since October 1, 2022, the entry requirements for South Korea no longer require attaching a PCR test or conducting quarantine first. However, tourists are required to show a Q-Code or QR Code that has been filled in beforehand.

What is Q-Code and why should it be filled in? Is it difficult to fill in the Q-Code before going on vacation to South Korea?

Questions about Q-Code will be answered clearly and in detail only here. Those of you who want to vacation in South Korea cannot miss it.

What is Q-Code?

Before discussing how to fill in the Q-Code, you must first know what a Q-Code is. Q-Code is a QR Code that contains your health data before leaving for South Korea. You will have to show this QR Code when you arrive in South Korea.

This Q-Code is one of the substitutes for quarantine information you must fill in while in South Korea. Q-Code is almost the same as PeduliLindungi in Indonesia. It's just that you only need to show this code once when you first arrive in South Korea.

Apart from that, you don't need to download any application, just fill it in online before arrival. Later you will get a picture of your Q-Code via e-mail. You can show it via smartphone or submit it in print-out form.

What is the Function of the Q-Code and When to Fill It?

Then what exactly is the function of the Q-Code and when should you start filling it out?

As previously mentioned, the Q-Code contains health data before you leave for South Korea. The South Korean government uses this Q-Code to monitor the health of tourists entering their country.

The information that you must enter into this Q-Code is personal information and also vaccination information. You even need to attach PCR test data to this Q-Code.

Even though the South Korean Government won't do a swab when you arrive, you still need to do a PCR test before filling in this Q-Code.

You must submit your PCR test results at least 48 hours before arrival. Of course, this affects the charging time.

Therefore, the time to fill in the Q-Code is recommended 2 days before departure. So after the PCR test comes out, you can immediately fill in this Q-Code.

Actually, you can start filling in the Q-Code in advance. You can fill in your personal data and other information besides the PCR test. You can edit this field after getting the test results.

To fill in the Q-code, you can actually do it upon arrival in South Korea. But this is not recommended because it is less efficient.

Now it is clear that Q-Code is not a function in South Korea? In essence, the Q-Code is a QR containing your personal and health data. This QR will be used as a checking tool when entering South Korean immigration.

How to Fill in the Q-Code?

Is it difficult to fill in the Q-Code? Of course not, you can fill it out via smartphone or PC. However, it is recommended to fill it via a PC, because it will be easier and faster.

Before filling in the Q-Code you must prepare the required documents. The requirements for filling in the Q-Code are:

  • Passport. Make sure the passport is still valid. The passport will be used as a guide for filling in data in the Q-Code.
  • Covid-19 vaccine certificate. Before filling in the Q-Code, you need to translate the vaccine certificate into English and make sure the vaccine you receive is recognized in South Korea. Then you can scan this certificate because it will be attached.
  • PCR test results. You also need to scan the PCR test results to complete the data on the Q-Code.

You can immediately fill in the Q-Code if all the requirements are ready. There are 8 stages in how to fill in the Q-Code, namely:

1. Agree to the Applicable Terms and Conditions

How to fill in the South Korean QR Code starts with agreeing to the applicable Terms and Conditions. To fill in the Q-Code, you can visit the Q-Code website in your country. Then select the "Go" menu.

Next, you will be asked to agree to several terms. The most important thing is to select the agree column in the first requirement, that is, you are 14 years old or older. After that, you can scroll down and select next.

2. Fill in the Passport Number and Email

The next way to fill in the Q-Code is to fill in your valid passport number and email. Later your Q-Code will be sent to this email, so make sure the email is still active. Also make sure you enter the passport number correctly, if it is correct click the "next" menu

3. Fill in Personal Data Based on Passport

The next step for South Korean Q-Code registration is to fill in personal data based on your passport. Fill in all the available columns according to the data in your passport. In this data entry, you w, you will also be asked to fill in your passport number.

If the data entry is correct, you can immediately select the "next" menu and follow the next steps.

4. Fill in information about flights and places to stay

The fourth step in filling out the Q-Code is filling out information about flights and places to stay. You will be asked to fill in the flight schedule and where you will transit. To fill in this you can see on the ticket that you have purchased.

Apart from flight information, you also need to enter where you are staying or the hotel you are staying at. Provide complete information on the hotel address and the length of your stay. When finished select "next".

5. Fill in Quarantine Information

The fifth step is to fill in information the regarding the quarantine. This information is information regarding the covid-19 vaccination data.

You will be asked to enter the vaccine date from the first to the third vaccine. Not only that, you also have t but upload the vaccine certificate that you got. If the data is complete, select "next".

6. Fill in Health Data

Next you will be asked, to fill in health data. You will be asked for information about your medical history and PCR test results. You also need to upload this test as proof.

If you have a history of illness or are unable to do PCR tests and vaccinations, you must attach a doctor's certificate at this step. Once filled in completely select the menu "next"

7. Confirmation of Filling Data

In the next step,    u will be asked to confirm data or recheck data. You can check from start to finish.

If there are still incomplete you can do editing. After feeling complete, you can immediately select the "confirm" menu.

8. Get a Q-Code

A Q-Code will be sent to the email address you entered. You can save this Q-Code image or print it.

Isn't it very easy to fill in this Q-Code? Make sure you fill it in before leaving for South Korea. This will make it easier for you to pass immigration in this country.

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