12 Tips for Traveling Long Trips to Stay Comfortable

Traveling long distances does require careful preparation to make it more comfortable and enjoyable. Especially for those of you who want to travel long distances, you must know these travel tips for long trips.

Vacationing with long trips is really fun but it can be a disaster if you don't prepare well. You need to prepare many things, not only tickets and hotels.

Before traveling long distances, you have to prepare many things, including making a luggage list. The following are tips to make your long-distance travel more comfortable and enjoyable.

1. Plan Well

12 Tips for Traveling Long Trips to Stay Comfortable

Planning well is a tip before traveling that you must do. This plan includes vacation destinations and departure times.

To make your vacation more comfortable and you can be satisfied, you should avoid going during the holiday season. During the holiday season, many tourist attractions are full, before you want to relax, it's uncomfortable because it's too crowded.

In addition, the risk of traffic jams is also greater during the holiday season. It is better to choose an ordinary day for vacation.

2. Create a clear itinerary

12 Tips for Traveling Long Trips to Stay Comfortable

Tips for the remake of an itinerary or travel schedule for the next enjoyable vacationnerary, your vacation will be more comfortable. You can make a schedule from leaving to returning home.

In making this itinerary you have to pay attention to the time and place of the tourist destination. You can group nearby tourist attractions to visit nearby nearby

To make your vacation more comfortable, make a flexible itinerary. This means you can change your schedule if needed.

3. Collect Information and Local Customs of Tourist Destinations

12 Tips for Traveling Long Trips to Stay Comfortable

Another thing that is no less important when going on a long trip is to collect information on tourist destinations. Not only tourist attractions, you also have to find out ticket prices and how to get to tourist attractions.

You also need to find out the local habits of tourist destinations. This will make it easier for you to adapt to tourist destinations. In addition, by knowing local customs, you can have a more comfortable vacation because you don't violate local norms or rules.

4. Make a List of Items to Bring

12 Tips for Traveling Long Trips to Stay Comfortable

Making a list of items to bring is one of the preparations for a long trip that you need to do. Even though it looks trivial but this will be very helpful.

With this list you can prepare, in advance the items to be brought. This list can also be a reminder for you to bring certain items. So later there will be no items left behind before leaving for vacation.

5. Prepare Medicine in a Special Container

12 Tips for Traveling Long Trips to Stay Comfortable

Are you traveling with your family including children? One of the tips for long trips with children that is important but often overlooked is to prepare medicine.

You then need to prepare must prepare medicines such as paracetamol, cold medicine, hangover medicine, etc traveling with children, make sure you bring special medicines for children.

Bringing personal medicine is very important, if suddenly your child gets sick on the trip you can handle it quickly and precisely. Apart from children, you also have to bring personal medicines for yourself.

6. Save Important Files in a Special Place

The next tip to make your traveling more comfortable is to store important files in a special place. You need to do this when you are going to travel abroad which requires a passport.

You need to prepare a small bag where passports and visas are easy to carry and store. We recommend that you choose a waterproof place to keep documents safe. In addition, make sure you store it in a place that is easy to pick up to facilitate the boarding process.

7. Get enough rest before traveling

12 Tips for Traveling Long Trips to Stay Comfortable

Preparation before traveling long distances that is no less important is adequate rest. Many people will be busier when they are going to travel long distances. So that you can still get enough rest before leaving, you must prepare it well in advance before departure.

You can start packing 1 week before departure so that your preparations are better. So that when you have to leave the next day, at night you can rest. Adequate rest before the holidays can keep your stamina up during the holidays.

8. Depart Early to Avoid Traffic Jams

12 Tips for Traveling Long Trips to Stay Comfortable

Tips that are nOne tip important when going on a long trip is to leave early. For example, the distance between the airport and your house is about a 1-hour drive, and you leave 2 hours earlier.

By leaving early you can avoid traffic jams and not be in a hurry. Of course this will make, your trip more comfortable and enjoyable.

9. Bring enough water and food

12 Tips for Traveling Long Trips to Stay Comfortable

Want to save more when traveling long distances? One of the frugal tips on vacation through water and food.

You can prepare special bottles for drinks and special bags for food and snacks. So during the trip you can save m, more because you don't have to buy water and food.

10. Prepare Enough Cash

12 Tips for Traveling Long Trips to Stay Comfortable

Nowadays, many people prefer cashless during holidays because it is more practical. But you still need cash. You need to prepare enough cash to support your trip.

You will really need this cash to buy or pay for small things outside of vacation expenses. To avoid the hassle of exchanging or withdrawing money at an ATM, you should only prepare cash. You don't need much, the most important thing is enough for the journey to the destination.

11. Bring Powerbank for HP

12 Tips for Traveling Long Trips to Stay Comfortable

Don't forget to bring a power bank or spare battery. This is very important, because on a long trip you may not be, necessarily be able to find a place to charge the HP battery.

Currently HP is one of the, most important things. Not only for uploading trips on social media, many people choose but many people allophones to store tickets and hotel message codes.

12. Book Tickets and Hotels Early

12 Tips for Traveling Long Trips to Stay Comfortable

The last and no less important long-distance travel tip is to book tickets and book hotels early. Since the beginning of planning a vacation, you have to start looking for tickets and hotels to stay. You need to do this to make your trip more comfortable.

By booking hotels and tickets early, you can be calmer and be able to prepare other things. In addition, buying tickets early can also save expenses. Usually, ticket prices will be much cheaper if you order long before departure.

You can save these long-trip travel tips as important information before going on vacation.

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